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2019 Reading List

Continuing the tradition from the last year, I published, on this page, an evolving list of books that I was reading in 2019.

One of my personal goals in 2018 was to read at least one book each month. 2018, for me, was quite a roller-coaster ride and the only time I could initially purpose into reading time was the 1-hour commute to and from work. While it’s a decent stretch of time to read, for most of the year, the stresses of the (former) job, inflexible office timings and the rush hour traffic on trains, made it rather inconvenient to focus or read. However, I tried my best to stay strong to the resolve and persisted. At the end of the year, not only did I meet my goal but was also able to, especially in the last few months, read a couple more books than I had originally targeted.

For 2019, I set my goal to read more books than the year before while still keeping one book a month as the baseline to fall back on. This year, not only was I able to achieve this goal but also able to double the number of books I read through out the year – this, despite my now shorter commute and excluding the days of summer when I biked to work! In addition, I was able to get much more value out of the experience as I focused on reading about topics of interest like personal finance, physics, fitness and sleep, etc. interspersed with novels, non-fiction and other reading.

With the year wrapped up, here’s the final 2019 reading list.

Finished Reading

I was reading the following two great books as the year wrapped up, and would continue to read them in 2020:

If you’re curious about other books that I am reading or have read, feel free to check out any of my other reading lists. I would like to close this page with a quote that I strongly relate to:

I’m not saying that you have to be a reader to save your soul in the modern world. I’m saying it helps.

Walter Mosley
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