Abhinav Sood

2018 Reading List

Abhinav Sood's 2018 Reading List

One of my personal resolutions in 2018 was to read at least one book each month. To track my progress, I started an evolving list of books  that I was reading or had finished reading.

With 2018 wrapped up, here’s the final list:

The only unfinished book that would go on to my next year’s list is “The Capital Markets: Evolution of the Financial Ecosystem” by Gary Strumeyer and Sarah Swammy, Ph.D. Given that this book is also quite informative and also quite relevant to my current job role, I expect to keep referencing this book for some time to come and build domain knowledge in Capital Markets. Maybe, textbooks and reference books should also get a special mention on the future reading lists!

That said, with 2018 coming to a wrap, I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited greatly from reading this assortment of books. Happy new year to all of you. I already have a few good books lined up for the next year but your recommendations are welcome

Stay tuned for the 2019 reading list!

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