Hi, I am Abhinav. I am a passionate data science professional with a curious mind and a strong appetite for learning. I enjoy working with data to solve difficult problems with creativity.

I earned my M.Sc. in Big Data from Simon Fraser University. Presently, I work as Data Scientist at IIROC in Toronto and solve challenging problems in capital markets, finance and risk using AI and Machine Learning.

My education and extensive professional experience enables me with a unique combination of technical skills and business acumen. I can help you define your business use-cases clearly and devise robust, efficient and scalable solutions using AI and Machine Learning, with a strong focus on results and business value.

I am an Oracle Certified PL SQL Developer Associate. I am proficient in SQL and have expertise in working with a variety of relational and non-relational databases. I have strong programming skills with Python, Scala, R and a host of different languages. I have practical experience with tools like Spark, Hive, MapReduce, etc. in the Hadoop ecosystem. I also have strong BI and visualization skills with tools like Tableau.

I can communicate fairly complex concepts in a clear, concise and comprehensive manner even to a non-technical audience. I have strong team skills and the ability to work independently with rigour and efficiency.

To learn more about me in a formal format, view my Résumé.

About this website

I write about my encounters with technology on my blog occasionally. In the past, I published reviews and blogging tutorials at Inspirit Blog to enable new bloggers establish a web presence and advanced bloggers to develop effective content and monetization strategies. I also have extensive experience in designing websites and developing WordPress themes and plugins.